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Who We Are

Best Investigation Agency

“The Credentials” is an extraordinary investigation agency where we not only completes tasks superficially and the single main motive is not to earn money. We are here with a Futuristic Approach to give something extraordinary in the field of investigation.

The Credentials shall provide professional and competent services to all clients. This code of ethics constitutes those values agreed to by the employees of this code is to be honored and practiced as a guideline for all professional activities.

Market’s Domain


Banking Sector

This sector includes investigation for Loans, Credit Cards, and bank-related tasks.

Insurance sector (2)

Insurance Sector

This sector consists of investigations for Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and General Insurance.


Corporate Sector

Investigations are conducted by employers of their employees, business partners, and other clients.

Services We Offer

What We Do To Serve You Best

Investigation of Background

Background Verification

We are providing Background Checks which help you to check the overall existence of an individual.

Documents Verification

Documents Verification

We are verifying documents in both ways as online through our software and offline through our employees.

Employee Verification

Employee Verification

We do Employee Verification so that employers should not have any past negative record for any attribute.

Insurance Verification

Insurance Verification

We cater Insurance Verification to stop Black Hat Insurance insurance and save our clientele from losses.

Claims Investigation

Claims Investigation

We are the resistance of false claimants in the insurance sector. We have a strong team of investigators.

Field Verification

Field Verification

We help all financial organizations to perform various required checks according to their processes.

Cash Collection

Cash Collection

We provide an unrivaled cash collection and banking service to the public and private sectors.

Documents Collection

Documents Collection

We help you to get documents collected from a specified location and drop them at the desired location.

investigate insurance policy

Private Investigator Ethics Policy

The employees of The Credentials have joined together in agreement that all work and Professional relationships must be of the highest ethical and moral standards.

We are the best Investigation Agency in India with a strong network of investigators across the country.

The Credentials shall provide professional and competent services to all clients. This code of ethics constitutes those values agreed to by the employees of this code is to be honored and practiced as a guideline for all professional activities.

Employee’s Etiquettes Of Agency

An employee shall follow below given ethics:

  1. Provide professional services in accordance with local, state and federal laws.
  2. Observe and adhere to the percepts of honesty, integrity and truthfulness.
  3. Be truthful, diligent and honorable for their professional responsibilities.
  4. Honor each client contract, adhering to all responsibilities by providing ethical services within limits of law.
  5. Refrain from improper and unethical solicitation of business, including false or misleading claims or advertising.
  6. Never cause harm or defame professional reputation or practice of colleagues, clients, owners company or any employee of company.
Investigation of Employee Etiquettes

Our Network

investigation agency in New Delhi NCR

New Delhi & NCR

We provide field services in the Delhi-NCR region, We cover regions like Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Ballabhgarh, Palwal, Gurugram, Manesar, Ghaziabad, Moradnagar, and Loni. We have backup executives in each region for hassle-free work processing.

investigation agency in Rajasthan


We have our executives in every 33 districts of Rajasthan whether the area is of interior or of the exterior. We have a very strong network in recent times and maintaining this strength for the last 4 years and will continue this for years to give premium services to our clientele.

investigation agency in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh (UP west)

We also provide services to the region of UP which shares the boundary with the Delhi-NCR region. We covered districts like Moradabad, Bareilly, Lucknow, and Kanpur.

investigation agency in Orissa


We provide field and investigation services in Orissa with a strong team of investigators. Our services area includes the major cities of Orissa.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh (MP)

We provide investigation services to the region of MP. The major cities we focus on for services are Indore, Bhopal, Ujjain, Mandsaur, and Jabalpur.



We do field and other investigations in the major cities. We have a strong team of investigators all over Chattisgarh.



We have experienced investigators and a strong network in Maharastra. Our investigation services are in the following cities: Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, and Nagpur.

investigation agency in Gujarat


The Credentials provide all the investigation services in Gujarat with a strong network. We focus on all the major districts such as Gandhinagar, Baroda, Rajkot, and Surat. We have availability in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities as well.

investigation agency in Bihar


We provide field and investigation services in Bihar with a strong team of investigators and We cover major cities of Bihar.

investigation agency in Jharkhand


We have an experienced and strong team of investigators for our field and investigation services in Jharkhand. We cover all the major districts of Jharkhand.

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Our Testimonial

What Clients Say About Us

We are loyal to our clients so do our clients too. Here are reviews of our clients on the basis of their experience with us. Our client includes ICICI Prudential, Bajaj Allianz, SMA India and many more.


ICICI Prudential
"They have very good man power in Delhi NCR region. Executives are well mannered and punctual in doing cases and completing their task"


"Maintaining our business in northern part of this country very well"


"This agency gives you the result with utmost precision and the team they are having is just outstanding which gives you desired result in stipulated time"

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